What we do

Web software

Fast and beautiful web software. We create a small demo within few hours, and we use it to work among with the customer. This way you can participate on every change we do, building your own app. We use Ruby on Rails and Hobo.

Some of our happiest customers include a project management consultancy, materials testing company, and a bike sharing association.

Click on any snapshot to give it a try!:

Gestión Ingeniería: próximamente

Libera tu Bici



Thanks to eBox platform you could share documents and printers so easy. Also you could manage users and groups as you want.

We offer too a super simple and fully automated backup system: you only have to choose the date from where you want to recover the file you need to be recovered.

We can configure you a secure connection between the place you are right now and your office with OpenVPN.

Web sites

If you want other people be able to find information about you and your bussines, you need a website. We make accesible websites, fast and easy to manage. We also will show you statistic info, to check out if your website works.

Check out some examples:


Borda Aranzazu

Centro de belleza Marian

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